Her diploma thesis was devoted to the use of renewable energy sources in residential buildings. So, hats off to the winners of the LTFS Data Science FinHack2. Special Prize donated by Krakowski Park Technologiczny. Our 2019 FAIR Data Hackathon brought together a record breaking 8 teams and over 100 participants to solve real data challenges. Wg danych Eurostat Małopolska jest jednym z 28 najszybciej rozwijających się regionów Unii Europejskiej, a w rankingu amerykańskiego think tanku Milken Institute znalazła się na 20. miejscu wśród europejskich regionów, których gospodarka rozwijała się w 2017 r. najszybciej. Kraków in numbers: He's involved in forecasting air quality in Cracow and Lesser Poland Voivodeship (Forecasting of Air Pollution Propagation System – FAPPS). Interactive Presentations and Workshops & Hackathon Half-day Session . 3rd Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Stockholm 2019. Exploit the full potential of data. The winner and the two runners-up presented their prototypes at a plenary session of the NTTS 2019 conference. Since 2009 to 2014 Director of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Office in Poland. She completed postgraduate studies in the field of energy audit. – 4 administrative units: Śródmieście, Krowodrza, Podgórze, Nowa Huta – jointly divided into 18 districts VFE is the seed stage Venture Capital fund with 4 M PLN investment ticket. Graduate of the Faculty of Automation, Electronics and Information Technology at the Silesian University of Technology. In October 2019, members of Data Science DC (a meetup within Data Community DC) teamed up with World Bank staff for a Data Dive Hackathon at the World Bank. Teams members complete list; Team NSI Bulgaria. Tags: Data Science, Flask, Hackathon, Mobile, Product If you know that it is a smoggy day you can adapt your everyday activity to it. Last summer (2019), the Kapten data team organized its very first hackathon! Welcome to the new version of the UAE Hackathon, which, this year, will be held under the motto: Data for Happiness and Well-being. Regulatory is key and challenging as we are upfront the market of tomorrow. He develops 5G and Mobile Edge Computing solutions on a daily basis, supporting the industrial and ICT sector with his expertise and commitment. Agnieszka received his Master of Architecture from WUT  in 2016. Kamil Wyszkowski, a Representative and President of the Board of. Currently working on PHD dissertation on smog removal with the help of architecture. – surface: 326.8 sq. Do you have an idea how to effectively regulate issues related to the control of coal and fuel quality? Monitoring stations may be established to determine background pollution levels. Alumnus of Faculty of Physics and applied Computer Science. Smogahton 2019 – how does the data analysis support the fight against the air pollution? Maybe every man and woman could have a pocket sensor if it is comfortable cheap enough. Graduate of the Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. Toronto, ON. – population density: 2323 ppl/sq. Aug 24th - 26th. w Małopolsce zarejestrowano ponad 34 tys. She deals with the topic of the relationship between air quality and meteorological conditions, author of over thirty publications in this field. Create custom chart types with an extension. His next book, the first interdisciplinary textbook in Poland on the problem of air pollution ”Smog w Polsce” (”Smog in Poland”) (PWN) is to be released in the coming days. Location: Chennai, India . Our values are Patient focus, Transparency, Respect, Integrity. Naver Speech Hackathon 2019 Data and Baseline. Monterrey ... StarterHacks 2019. Air quality expert in the TAIEX instrument by European Commission. Feel free to distribute. Why Attend Confirmed Speakers Sponsoring Opportunities Organizers CytoData Society Conference location Why Attend Back to Top. It was a memorable 9-day hackathon with a wide range of data scientists participating from all over the globe. W 2011 i 2012 roku był doradcą Ministra Sprawiedliwości w obszarze deregulacji oraz Marszałka Województwa Małopolskiego w zakresie polityki regionalnej. The Hackathon took place in Brussels from 9 to 12 March 2019 back to back with the NTTS 2019. Contribute to kyuhyoung/speech_hackathon_2019 development by creating an account on GitHub. Air Quality Monitoring Project (2019 Hackathon Theme: Smart City Improvements for Environmental Health) - KSomkul/Big-Data-Hackathon-2019 In those times, Kraków was – as it is now – the city of science and culture. Location. 06. Tylko w 2017 r. Koordynatorka projektu SMART_KOM. The event is bringing together top senior professionals globally from different industries and companies to share experience and challenges to find together new ideas and prototype projects. EE BD hackathon pitching ; Team NSI Ireland. He has been involved in data analytics for a long time, he implements it as a part of all his projects combining practice with science while creating new solutions. Organized a charity auction for a street children home in Uganda. How can we reduce emission in transportation? 10 MOST VIEWED AUDITIONS OF ALL TIME From Britain's Got Talent! Zapewniający nadzór nad jakością pomiarów wykonywanych w sieciach monitoringu jakości powietrza. odyssey hackathon 2019: world’s biggest blockchain and ai hackathon. Currently he focuses on IT infrastructure management, tools to audit software licenses and identify risks associated with the use of unauthorized software. Come work with novel datasets, present your findings to a panel of judges, and engage with sponsors. w gronie najbardziej innowacyjnych w Polsce. kamila.knap@smogathon.com +48 510 866 906. From August 2017. works in the Krakow Smog Alert as a specialist of air quality measurement. Please note … Now looking back at the event, we are amazed by what they put together and are grateful that we partnered up with them. Their solution provides the approach for school ratings and future potential evaluation based on the number of students, exam results, and achievements in educational competitions. Their mission? Since 2011 Director of Know How Hub (established as part of UNDP Poland, currently managed by GCNP). Start: 1st Feb 2019, 9 a.m. GMT End: 22nd Apr 2019, 11:45 p.m. BST Location: Virtual NO time left Rocket APT Challenge. I am passionate about connecting innovative thinkers and hunting the exciting next big findings to fulfil day to day consumers ‘health issues. Crans Montana, Switzerland. She completed studies with a specialization in designing ventilation and air conditioning in industrial buildings. Join us as we head to Chicago, New York, Palo Alto, Tokyo, and London! Employee of the Air Protection Department of the Air Quality Department of the City of Krakow Office. Kierownik Krajowego Laboratorium Referencyjnego do spraw jakości powietrza atmosferycznego Głównego Inspektoratu Ochrony Środowiska. I accept to share my data with Hackathon.com. I-COM Data Science Hackathons 2019. This often means learning together and building experiences, the conclusions of which are sometimes surprising, but always useful in the context of business modeling and avoiding mistakes. SAP + Esri breaks down silos between GIS and IT at the Netherlands Innovation Hackathon . Schedule. Aviation XR Hackathon - 7-8 Sep, 2019. km We are proposing to use AI and ML to automate the strategic planning function that almost all organizations perform poorly, inaccurately, slowly, and with incomplete data. Here are the winners . Are cars as harmful to humans as planes to the planet? He founded and ran a small innovative firm that manufactured one of the first computer audio interfaces of professional quality. Sign In. Active architect, co-owner of Arch Vis Studio, author of graduation tower designs, single-family buildings and interiors. This hackathon is open to all CUID holders, though we recommend some experience with data analysis or computer programming. Learn more about the 2019 Hackathon at Bio-IT World. The goal of the USI Hackathon 2019 is to find interesting facts and trends in the data (data analysis track) and to leverage the data to build prototypes useful for citizens and tourists (coding track). Dec. Ramco 24-Hour Hackathon - Lord of The Codes. 25 years of experience in work related to the subject matter of gas and dust emission to the atmosphere and air protection in Krakow. nowych przedsiębiorstw. Jan 12th - 13th. He works on topics related to a problem of greenhouse gas emission and air quality. Eventbrite - Hacking Health Hamilton presents Hacking Health Hamilton | Hackathon 2019 - Friday, 8 November 2019 | Sunday, 10 November 2019 at McMaster Innovation Park, Hamilton, ON. This article is an overview of how to prepare for a hackathon as an aspiring data scientist, highlighting the 4 reasons why you should take part in one, along with a series of tips for participation. Seeing Green by … Currently working on PHD dissertation on smog removal with the help of architecture. Let’s check out the problem statement for this hackathon. Gao hopes the Women in Data Hackathon will be the first activity in an ongoing campaign to promote ... Top 10 enterprise IT in the Nordics stories of 2019. Doctoral student at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. The Data Science Hackathon & Workshop will be held on the afternoon of Saturday, August 17, 2019 from 1pm-6pm at the end of UKC. Od stycznia br. 2) PHLINE_DATASET: The usage data of all the phone lines from the 4000 accounts are extracted 3) CITY_DATASET: The average usage data of LM customers at different cities and towns in BC and Alberta . THANK YOU #DataDevs for an awesome year of hackathons in 2019! Transport Automobile Industry Big Data. “EduFuture” was the winner of the Open Data Hackathon for Municipalities 2019 in Valmiera, Latvia. pełni także obowiązki Miejskiego Architekta Krajobrazu w Krakowie. The announcement of the winners are available here. Co-author of scientific publications. Agnieszka received his Master of Architecture from WUT  in 2016. Currently he is the Chairman of Polish Section of the Audio Engineering Society, the Coordinator of SELP expert group on environmental protection, a European Commission expert on research programs and a member of  AES Education Committee. Previously, she has held leadership roles in India, and worked with diverse countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. It needs to stop and we look for a hero, who could solve the problem of air pollution! The Pune Open Data Hackathons were conceptualized to address these needs and gaps. The hackathon will focus on one theme: Your challenge is to create an app, platform, and/or technology that can tie into the Smart Living theme using datasets provided via our special GitHub site. He has experience working in public administration and dealing with air quality, environmental permits, waste management and eco-management systems. She comes from Krakow - Nowa Huta. Zbay is an e-commerce website that sells a variety of products on its online platform. Global Data Analytics & Business Insights Forum . Jun. This year our idea is to get the best teams from all over the world to take part in data hackathon in Krakow and compete for 10 000 PLN in each category, 15 000 PLN - Special Prize donated by Allegra, and 60 000 PLN - Special Prize donated by Krakowski Park Technologiczny. What conditions must be met so that the heating could be effective? Interview with Radic8, 2nd laureate of Smogathon 2017 Global Edition. National administrator air quality databases of the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection and the coordinator of air quality assessment in Poland. Koordynatorka badań w ramach Kraków Living Lab - autorka i współautorka między innymi raportów pilotażu usługi living lab na zlecenie UMWM, testów aplikacji Pielgrzym na Światowe Dni Młodzieży 2016 r. czy projektu Kraków-Wrocław LivingLab. Chief specialist in the Environmental Monitoring Department of the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection. Datahack is an Israeli non-profit dedicated to the advancement of data science and machine learning in Israel. 2019 AI World Data Science Hackathon Projects. Learn more about our 2019 Projects. Do you want to fight air pollution with innovation and technology? Knowledge management for development expert. The JVP Media Quarter - Hebron Rd 24, Jerusalem. I combine analytical competence with a passion for Agile. Passionate about cloud technologies and IoT. He is an author of innovative solutions in that matter. AIR Hackathon - 5-7 Apr, 2019 THANK YOU #DataDevs for an awesome year of hackathons in 2019! She conducts research on the climate of urban areas, in particular the phenomenon of the urban heat island and the impact of weather conditions on emissions and air quality. Graduate of the Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. Within GSK, as External innovation Director I always seek and evaluate science-based innovations related to Healthcare to accelerate innovation within Respiratory Health and Pain Relief. Od ponad 20 lat zajmujący się pomiarami jakości powietrza wykonywanymi w ramach Państwowego Monitoringu Środowiska. On November 30th, 2019, the UCL Data Science Society organized its first-ever Hackathon in association with Microsoft and American Express. Charubala Seshadri serves as a global marketing director in the Respiratory category in GSK Consumer Healthcare, and is based in Nyon, Switzerland. PhD student at the Department of Climatology IGiGP UJ. If your application and background are really good, we will invite you to take part in data hackathon. Damian Zięba born on 7.05.1985 in Strzyżów. This article is an overview of how to prepare for a hackathon as an aspiring data scientist, highlighting the 4 reasons why you should take part in one, along with a series of tips for participation. He is passionate about all kinds of technologies, including cyber-security, BI and IoT. Teams of three members were proposed by the National Statistical Institutes and included members of the national data science community, staff of the statistical office or a partnership of both. He has been working as analyst for STU ERGO Hestia SA for over 3 years where  in the last few months he has been involved in the Data Science projects. Agnieszka Chudzińska is an assistant at the Studio of Contemporary Architecture, Interiors and Industrial Forms of the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology. MAN Data Hackathon 2019: It's a wrap! During the Master’s degree he was involved in the measurement of trace gases in the atmosphere. The hackathon is 3rd in a series of Capture the Flag Competition that DSCI has been hosting with the objective of recognizing & rewarding the best brains & talent in Cyber Security in the Country. Citadel is proud to present The Data Open, a datathon competition taking place throughout the year at a series of top universities. T-Mobile employees, who proudly sport … Here, we meet for one of the biggest events which will bring together creative minds in a comprehensive partnership between the government, universities, the … A graduate of physics at the Jagiellonian University. Passionate about human-centered design. Aug 25th - 26th. Head of the Air Protection Department When MAN approached us in late September that they want to organise a public, cross-disciplinary Data Hackathon with 100 participants in less than 3 months we have been surprised (and at times even worried). Program CHIPTA 2020 merupakan gabungan Hackathon Data Terbuka dan Hackathon Aplikasi Mudah Alih. The Hackathon Guide for Aspiring Data Scientists - Jul 15, 2019. Proper household heating and good optimization can provide an eco-friendly building. We are proposing to use AI and ML to automate the strategic planning function that almost all organizations perform poorly, inaccurately, slowly, and with incomplete data. Prizes. 2006-2010 Polish Radio reporter and correspondent from East Africa. 8:26. uchwały antysmogowe dla Małopolski oraz osobną dla Krakowa, wprowadzając zakaz palenia w piecach paliwem złej jakości. Naver Speech Hackathon 2019 Data and Baseline. From 2017 member of the Mazovian Regional Chamber of Architects. Safe the date: (7-8.12.2019, Krakow). Starts. What stage of control is the number one priority? Seattle, USA. Debra has a degree in chemistry from the University of Birmingham (UK) and has been with Johnson Matthey since 2004. Terms & Conditions for granting the Special Prize at Smogathon 2019, Employee of the Air Protection Department, Air Quality Department of the City of Krakow. Po studiach pracował w Wyższej Szkole Europejskiej im. AIR Hackathon - 21 - 23 Jun, 2019. Adam Stec – graduate of the Financial Mathematics at the Gdansk University of Technology. W województwie działa ponad 380 tys. Bratislava Regional Center (Service Center for the 24 Country Offices in (South-) Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union). As the Investment Manager, I have the pleasure to participate in this fantastic process, thanks to which I see on daily basis, how innovative ventures are being created. Od 2015 r. Województwo, wspólnie z 62 partnerami, wdraża też projekt zintegrowany LIFE „Wdrażanie Programu ochrony powietrza dla województwa małopolskiego – Małopolska w zdrowej atmosferze”, którego celem jest przyspieszenie wdrażania działań służących poprawie jakości powietrza, m.in. Head of the NCBiR project, which result is Forecasting of Air Pollution Propagation System (FAPPS)  for Krakow and Lesser Poland (www.smog.imgw.pl). 2019 Winnipeg Open Data Hackathon. – lowest point: Potok Kościelnicki estuary – 187 m above sea level For the past three years, the Bio-IT World Hackathon has delivered a new level of collaboration to the annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston. The Hackathon witnessed extensive participation Członek zarządu i lider śląskiego oddziału stowarzyszenia Data Community Poland. – Jagiellonian University is the second oldest university in this part of Europe, established: 12th May 1364. We invite you to apply for taking part in data hackathon (7-8.12.2019, Krakow) to solve real life challenges and create projects in categories. Nov. Ends. In addition to a friendly, cooperative environment, Hackathon 2019 gives students, industry stakeholders and, CBC/Radio-Canada colleagues an opportunity to increase their knowledge and share their expertise with others. Feel free to distribute. The Columbia Data Science Society is proud to host the fifth annual Columbia Data Science Hackathon. From 2017 member of the Mazovian Regional Chamber of Architects. … To enter the I-COM Data Science Hackathons 2019, complete & submit the entry form below. Over the past months, Data Natives brought together over 24.000 hackers to participate in online hackathons. HackMTY. Variable Description acc_num Account number In the newly opened SAP Experience Center, customers and partners came together to experience first-hand the … By: Karl Flinders. 2019 Columbia Data Science Hackathon. Madrid, Spain. Krakow is simply magical. Kierownik projektu realizowanego ze środków POIŚ, mającego na celu doposażenie sieci monitoringowych w sprzęt pomiarowo-badawczy. podmiotów gospodarczych. How to encourage people to use public transport? In his free time he likes to prototype and travel, tasting reality through experience. However, thanks to a great number of monuments, excellently preserved in the city's layout, it has never lost its majestic character. The pleasant warm temperature can be provided from different sources but which of them is the best for the environment? Strategic Planning Powered by AI in the Cloud. One customer attending Hackathon 2019 is Bellevue, Washington-based T-Mobile – a company with over 80 million customers and annual revenues of $43 billion – wearing their self-proclaimed moniker of “The Un-carrier” with disruptive pride. Energy management is a part of a smart, future house. NTTS 2019 - Big Data Hackathon; European Big Data Hackathon 2017. CytoData brings together the community of researchers mining microscopy image data. We are honored to host the fourth CytoData Symposium and Hackathon from Oct 28-30, 2019 at the DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany!
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