But, a brief analysis of the state of affairs reveals that those expressing these fears are largely mistaken as many of them seem to be using Indian rhetoric. In the process, we encountered unbroken series of crises and challenges that perhaps, no other country in the world has ever experienced. Pakistan’s foreign policy ought to be based on our country’s inherent strengths. Foreign Policy of Pakistan.
  • Pakistan Studies (92) Systematic and ceaseless propaganda by Pakistan has distorted India’s factually strong case on Kashmir, so much so that quite some people in the world may wonder as to what, after all, the facts of the case are publicity through radio, television magazines, and other literature is also used as an instrument of foreign policy. Constitution of Pakistan According to the Two-Nation Theory, Islamic teachings act as the basis of Pakistan ideology.
  • CSS 2018 Examiners Report Also, read in-depth analysis on CSS 2019 Exam by Team JWT, India's Bloody Borders | CSS Current Affairs | A Fortnightly Glance | Ahmed Ali Naqvi | World Times, World Times April 2020 Urdu Editon in PDF, World Times April 2020 English Edition in PDF, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Pakistan, How America Elects Its President A really simple guide, A Look at Donald Trump’s First Term in Office, The Foreign Policy Dimension of the US Presidential Election, In Conversation with Muhammad Zahid Iqbal 27th in Punjab, PMS 2019-20, In Conversation with Muhammad Shareef (PSP) 26th in Pakistan 2nd in Sindh Rural, CSS 2019-20, Where Biden and Trump stand on Key Issues, In Conversation With Sadia Hussain Dogar 22nd in Punjab,PMS 2018-19, In Conversation With ALI Fahad (FSP) 60th in Pakistan CSS 2019-20, India’s Bloody Borders | CSS Current Affairs | A Fortnightly Glance | Ahmed Ali Naqvi | World Times. Pakistan but there are many internal factors pose challenges to Pakistan’s foreign policy. Sir Ali's lecture the process of foreign policy formulation of pakistan 1. Pakistan has to leverage its relations with nations in the region and beyond, as well as with international multilateral institutions, to attract foreign direct investment, start off joint ventures and promote trade. /* ]]> */ The stability of Pakistan is also dependent upon ideology. The foreign policy of Pakistan is primarily directed to the pursuit of national goals of seeking peace and stability through international cooperation. Islamic concept of good governance The nuclear status of the country has increased the country’s importance in international politics. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The topography of land, its fertility, climate and location are the major geographic factors which influence the Foreign Policy of a nation. Study in Netherland KTH Scholarship In the establishment of Pakistan, Muslims actually dreamed of a separate homeland where they could spend their lives according to the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The main aim of Pakistan’s foreign policy is to boost economic trade. Pakistan’s foreign policy, which is often conflated with defence policy, is very unique in nature and character. According toTwo-Nation Theory, Islamic teachings act as basis of Pakistan ideology. Study in Sweden Leave a comment, “Our foreign policy is one of the friendliness and goodwill towards all the nations of the world. There are many factors which can affect a country foreign policy.
    This suggests that Pakistan should establish friendly relations with all its neighboring and other countries as per teachings of Islam.
  • Historian Paul Kennedy named Pakistan as one of the nine pivotal states whose future evolution would not only determine the fate of their region, but also affect international stability. A Pragmatic Future Strategy 1.
  • English (2) Our foreign policy makers should move forward with extreme prudence. Foreign policy is a plan of action that a nation adopts with regard to its diplomatic dealings with other countries in the world. DETERMINANTS OF PAKISTAN’S FOREIGN POLICY, Attention CSS 2020 Aspirants! Hence, the country’s foreign policy is also guided by its history. So, it was not possible for our foreign policy makers to set aside this ideology while framing country’s foreign policy.
  • Internal and external security is the most important factor in Pakistan’s foreign policy. In this article determining factors of Pakistan’s foreign policy are discussed below. This is the policy that dictates how a country will act with respect to other countries politically, socially, economically, and militarily. Pakistan has strong bilateral relations with China which always has stood with Pakistan in all odds over the course of history. Foreign policy cannot be divorced from domestic considerations. For the years 1987Œ1996, slightly more than a third of the 193 abstracts I was able to code invoked domestic-political factors as independent or intervening vari-ables. Pakistan is formulating its foreign policy while keeping in view its national interest. Guiding principles of Pakistan’s foreign policy